Cost Savings Program

Cut Medicaid and Medicare Prescription Costs

Gayco Healthcare is dedicated to finding ways to make life better for the residents and facilities we serve. Our consultants offer in-depth, comprehensive reports and assessments to ensure your facility is efficient, compliant, cost-effective, and offering the best quality service to your residents.

This includes finding ways to cut the costs of your prescription medications.

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Facility-Specific Formulary

Our top priority as a consultant pharmacy is providing personal attention and service to each facility. We believe primarily focusing on the resident and your facility’s needs empower our customers to offer the best care possible.

Gayco consultants look at the unique needs of each facility and search for ways to save you money on Medicare prescription costs.

We provide your facility with a list of medications, called a Quick Price Sheet, to use as an alternative to similar medications that are more expensive or aren’t covered by insurance. The sheet is sorted in an easy-to-read format, giving your staff the ability to quickly search price points for each medication that is not on the facility-specific formulary.

Advantages to your facility

  • Developed and managed by Gayco in coordination with your staff
  • Decreases Medicare Part A costs and non-covered costs
  • Decreases nursing time in searching for formulary alternatives

Customer-Focused Pharmacy

Our staff and consultants play an active role in serving each of our clients because as an exclusively long-term care pharmacy, we understand the unique needs of the business. We are committed to solving your problems as quickly as possible. Gayco prides itself on quick turnarounds on orders and other questions you may have, especially when it comes to finding ways to save on medication costs.

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