Worry-Free Medication Management

When a resident is discharged from a long-term care facility, going home with a list of new medications to take can be confusing and overwhelming. Oftentimes, patients don’t follow the prescribed medication guidelines because it is difficult to understand. We strive to eliminate that confusion and offer worry-free medication management.

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AdhereRX, also called the “follow me home” program, is a great way to help discharged residents with medication management at home. The program organizes medication in easy to read and understand packaging and helps discharged patients remember to take medication and stay healthy. This reduces the chance of readmission to a hospital or your facility. The transition medication supplies can be sent in 7, 14, or 28-day supplies and come with our professional clinical services.

Facility Advantages

  • Improve resident experience
    • The AdhereRX program boosts resident confidence when transitioning home, taking the worry out of medication management.
  • Decrease Medicare Part A costs
    • The medications from the date of discharge are billed or split billed to the resident’s third-party plan or to private pay.
  • Reduce chance of readmission
    • AdhereRX helps the patient remember to take the correct medications at the right time. This reduces the chance that the patient will require readmission to your facility.

Patient Advantages

  • Easy-to-open packets
  • Easy-to-read labels
  • Expert pharmacist guidance to answer questions and eliminate confusion
  • Helps patients remember to take their medication
  • Organized by date and time