Choose an Authorized QuickMAR Partner

Gayco Healthcare proudly partners with QuickMAR Caresuite to help long-term care facilities stay organized and up-to-date. This software allows you to keep track of patient care including medications, treatments, vitals, ADLs (activities of daily living), behaviors, and nurse notes.

QuickMAR features include:

QuickMAR unites the workflow of your facility and our pharmacy, helping to streamline communication and medication ordering. The software allows users to manage all medication needs including order entry, MAR updates, medication returns and destructions, cycle fills, and medication delivery.

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Customer-Focused Service

Our staff and consultants play an active role in serving each of our clients because as an exclusively long-term care pharmacy, we understand the unique needs of the business. We are committed to solving your problems as quickly as possible and partnering with QuickMAR allows us to speed up communication. Gayco prides itself on quick turnarounds on orders and any questions you have.