Customer Service

Culture of Care

The caring customer service culture at Gayco Healthcare starts at the top. Our owner, Bent Gay, RPh, sets the standard for customer service by playing an active role in serving our long-term care facilities. After 29 years of ownership, Bent remains committed to personally providing intuitive and innovative service to our clients.

Our top priority as a long-term care pharmacy is providing personal attention to each facility we serve including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and correctional institutions. We believe by primarily focusing on your needs, we empower you to offer the best care possible to patients.

Customer-Focused Consultant Pharmacist

Our staff is committed to solving your problems as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a question about a new regulation or you need guidance from our expert consultants, Gayco Healthcare prides itself on quick customer service turnarounds.

You won’t be waiting for days to get an answer to your issues. If you call one of our staff members or consultant pharmacists with an issue, we will be in touch the same day with a solution. We treat your question or problem as a priority and won’t hand the issue off to another representative.

Each of our staff members and consultants play an active role in serving our facilities because as an exclusively long-term care pharmacy, we understand the unique needs of the industry.

Making Life Better

Gayco Healthcare’s motto is “Making Life Better.”

We strive to make life better for the resident and your long-term care facility. This philosophy guides our team to deliver excellent care and results for our clients.

This motto also applies to Gayco Healthcare’s internal operations. Our team at Gayco is like a family, caring for one another and putting others needs first. This close-knit relationship between our team members unite us for a common cause: to serve you.

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