Correctional Institutions

Correctional Pharmaceutical Specialists

Gayco Healthcare is uniquely designed to service long-term care facilities and correctional institutions. Our resources and skillset allow us to provide pharmaceuticals packaged specifically for correctional institutions as well as offer educational services for your medical staff and officers.

Gayco understands the unique regulations and compliance requirements correctional institutions face. We closely follow the NCCHC standards for our correctional pharmaceutical services and are updated whenever there are changes in rules or standards.

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Consultant and Compliance Check Services

Our in-house pharmacist or registered nurse consultant will regularly visit your correctional facility. We inspect your pharmacy to ensure you are following federal, state, and NCCHC standards, including:

  • Documentation and record maintenance
  • Drug disposal practices
  • Proper medication storage

Gayco’s expert team provides you with the documentation needed to keep track of everything in your correctional pharmacy and stay up to code. After inspections, we send certified reports to your medical staff outlining the deficiencies found and offering solutions for improvement.

We also offer:

  • Medication carts
  • Next day delivery
  • Additional medical supplies
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