Cycle Fill

Cycle Fill for Patient Medications

Spend less time reordering medication for your residents by switching to Gayco Healthcare’s cycle fill service.

Cycle fill can eliminate the need for daily, continuous reordering of pharmaceuticals. Our cycle fill program automatically sends patient medications to your facility on a regular basis. By reducing the time needed for medication reordering, cycle fill increases the time your nurses can care for patients. We offer two cycle options, the 3-4 day cycle fill and the 7 day supply.

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3-Day and 4-Day Cycle Fill

In this short cycle fill option, we produce multi-dose, time-specific strip packs for all routine, non-controlled solid oral dosage forms of medication. We use a technology called InspectRx to review each multi-dose bag. This ensures the right medication gets to the right patient with a 99.99 percent accuracy rate. The InspectRx system also archives images of every bag and keeps them on hand for 42 days in case an issue arises.

When the packets are ready for delivery, our TCGRx Collector rolls and tapes strip packs for each individual resident. This streamlines delivery, check-in, and set up for administering the drugs at your facility.

Advantages for your facility

  • Decreases Medicare Part A medication cost
  • Decreases medication waste
  • Decreases the nursing time needed for med pass checks
  • Increases accuracy
  • Increases clinical care for each resident

7-Day Supply

With this cycle fill option, Gayco will dispense controlled, non-solid dosage form, or PRN medications for all residents during a Medicare Part A stay at your facility. This program can help decrease Medicare Part A medication cost.

Blister Cards

For all medications that are not Medicare Part A and are on a controlled non-solid dosage form or PRN, Gayco will dispense countdown blister cards. We offer on-demand refills and cycle fill cards.

On Demand Refills

  • Dispensed in one-month supply
  • Reordered as needed
  • Single medication

Cycle Fill Cards

  • Dispensed on cycles at first of each month
  • No need for reordering
  • Single medication

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