Secure Medications with Electronically Locked StatSafe

StatSafe is an electronic emergency/stat-dose cabinet that allows long term care facilities to provide more responsive patient care. The StatSafe is electronically locked and medication is removed from drawers by using an intuitive cloud-based app.

The med cart meets the regulatory requirements of securing medications and because it’s on wheels, it can also be stored virtually anywhere and transported in the event of evacuation.

The StatSafe increases accountability for your staff. Unique credentials are required to unlock the cart, and a photo is taken of the nurse unlocking the cart. This prevents ID code sharing. The application also keeps track of inventory, eliminating the need for nurses to reorder medications in the cabinet.

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Some advantages the StatSafe provide your facility include:

  • Boost security and accountability
  • Decrease time needed to order emergency dose
  • Fast access to medication
  • Flexibility to fit facility needs
  • Improve compliance to regulations

The StatSafe allows you to have crucial items you need at your fingertips. You never know when you need an emergency medication, and the StatSafe can save you time. It’s manufactured by PhoenixLTC and some models can store over 300 medications.

Innovative Pharmaceutical Solutions

Our staff and consultants play an active role in serving each of our clients because as an exclusively long-term care pharmacy, we understand the unique needs of the business. We actively search for creative ways to use the newest technologies, like the StatSafe, to best serve you. Gayco prides itself on quick turnarounds on orders and any questions you may have, especially when it comes to finding ways to store medication safely and up to code.

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