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XS Drug Destruction is a web-based drug destruction application developed by Gayco Healthcare.


Purpose: To provide the Facility with a seamless and easy process to document discontinued/expired medications using their Gayco Rx Number or Bar Code.



Go to or go to, hover over Resources, and select XS Drug Destruction.

Log In using your email address and password. If you need to be set up please contact your Gayco Consultant Pharmacist or contact Gayco.

In compliance with state law, and in an effort to decrease diversion, we are required to have a witness that validates the drug destruction process, so a second nurse will need to log to fulfill requirements.

Begin by scanning the barcodes on your Medicine Pouches, Punch Cards, or Container Rx Label. If not readable or not recognized by scanning, just enter the RX Number found on the Pouch or Rx Label. More than one Rx number can be added manually by separating each with a comma. After entered just click on search.

The drug image and name will appear. Verify that the correct medication is being destroyed, and enter the quantity.

The Dispose Confirmation prompt allows one more chance to verify. If everything is correct, click Record.

Repeat this process for all drugs that need to be destroyed.


Special Note: On occasion, you may come across more than one Pouch or Card that has an RX number you have already enter but need to increase the quantity of the drug being destroyed. When that happens, you will have the below Popup Window come up. Click on Yes to add a separate record.


After all are logged for this session simply log out of XS and make sure all the medications recorded have been placed in the Gayco Drug Destruction Tote or designated holding container in a secure area away from all active medication orders.


When your consultant pharmacist comes in on their visit they will print out the log from the XS system using the date range from their last visit to the current date.

The Director of Nursing or agent and the consultant pharmacist will sign the printed log and place a copy in the Gayco Tote, and give one to the Director of Nursing then secure strip lock the tote and call or fax the pharmacy for the driver to pick the tote up that evening.