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By Beth Greenway, RN
Gayco Nurse Consultant
Santyl Ointment is used to sever the necrotic tissues along the natural grain of a wound to allow the dead tissue to be removed from the base.  Santyl is a collagenase enzyme.  It works to break down and remove dead tissue from the wound base allowing dead tissue to be gently removed and signaling cells associated with wound closure to begin to grow and reduce the size of the wound base over the period of treatment.
 A wound heals better in a moist environment so it is very important to keep the moisture balanced.  When Santyl is applied to the moist wound,  the collagenase enzyme will be activated and begin to break down the dead tissue.  Santyl has to be applied to the entire wound base.  New epithelial and granulation tissue grows from the edge of the wound, Santyl will not hurt this new tissue but the ointment needs to be concentrated from edge to edge of the wound.  Santyl should be applied in a layer the thickness of a nickel or 2mm.
How much Santyl will you need to order for the treatment? offers a treatment calculator.  You enter the width of the wound, the length of the wound, and the duration of treatment and it will calculate how much Santyl you will need to order.
Ordering the appropriate amount of Santyl will ensure an adequate supply will be available to complete the treatment of the wound.  Happy Healing!!