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To provide the highest level of service as well as provide for the safety and welfare of your residents, staff, and facility we are reaffirming and updating the protocols and procedures outlined below.


  • Gayco Healthcare employees, independent contractors, and vendors will continue to be screened before entry into our pharmacy. Pharmacists and Nurse consultants with Gayco Healthcare will perform the same screening at home and update the corporate office daily to assure safe entry to your community/facility.
  • Until further notice, we will deliver your medications in paper bags to reduce the transference of the virus. The change to paper from plastic is due to data indicating the virus can survive longer on plastic.
  • Until further notice, we will no longer accept any items being returned to the pharmacy.
  • With most insurance companies lifting the ban on refill too soon items, we will not be repackaging medications but will fill and send in our delivery.
  • We will provide paper bags for any paperwork needing to be returned to the pharmacy. However, we encourage all prescribers to electronically prescribe medications, which will reduce the need for the return of paper prescriptions.
  • We have added a question on our request for daily census updates. We are asking for the number of residents you have that have tested positive for COVID-19 and the number you are monitoring or awaiting test results for COVID-19. We are not asking for names only the numbers. This will allow us to communicate to our medication wholesalers so if an increase in the allocation of COVID-19 targeted medications happens we are communicating our needs appropriately.
  • It is critical that the census reports be completed and returned to us each morning so we do not send out medications for residents that have discharged.
  • Please notify us as soon as possible when you have medications discontinued, a resident is discharged, or a resident expires. This will help in the safeguard of medications by preventing unneeded medications from entering your facility.
  • Prior to making your delivery, our drivers will ask if the facility or community has any medications they need to reject. The delivery personnel will remove the item/items before handing over to your staff.
  • The delivery personnel have been instructed NOT to enter your facility or community to help with safeguards against COVID-19.


Please understand our commitment and focus is to help keep your residents, employees, facility, and community safe. A key step in this process is to make sure we are diligent in keeping Gayco Healthcare safe.