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Since 2016, Gayco Healthcare has been using ATP to cycle fill all of our facilities. Cycle fill with ATP has many advantages to both the facility and the pharmacy. For the facility, it eliminates the need for punch cards for routine medications which saves space on the med cart, as well as saving time on the med pass due to grouping each residents’ medications by date and time. It helps the pharmacy by giving us the ability to automate medications we are filling routinely, allowing us more time to process new inbound orders for your community, and maintain timely delivery.

Another and perhaps the most important benefit to our implementation of this technology is the quality assurance that it provides. Every bag is run through a device that images each pill and cross-references it with our drug image database to ensure that the correct medication, quantity, and dose are present for your cycle.

In this video, Matthew Lee, PharmD, gives a tour of our ATP process in action – from the filling of the order to the shipping area for dispatch.