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Medication Cart Audit

Nurse Initials: _____             Date______                Med. cart audited_____

___ Insulin exp. dates per Gayco labeled expiration date

___ Insulin from stat safe or backup follow P&P Special Situations

___ Xalatan eye drops exp. dates per Gayco labeled expiration date

___ Advair, Symbicort & other inhalers per Gayco labeled exp. date

___ Over the counter medications

___ ASOP medications, meds with a stop date (“X 7 days”etc.)

___ Accu-chek sol and test strips have an open date

___ Liquid Protein has an open date

___ Check PRN expiration dates

___ Ear drops are NOT stored with eye drops

___ Check dispense dates: eye drops, nasal sprays (have limited doses)

___ TX creams etc. stored to prevent contamination of other meds.

___ Narcotics: signed when punched for administration

___ Narcotics: NOT taped back into blister cards

___ Narcotics: narcotic count audit sheet signed at shift change

___ Narcotics: not expired

___ Narcotics removed following the 14 day rule

___ Med carts are clean, neat and free from sticky spills

___ No personal items on top or inside med cart (coffee, purse)

___ Pudding, applesauce, supplements for med pass have open dates

___ All medications have an expiration date


Not only is auditing the medication room important, it is also important to audit the medication cart itself.  The medication cart audit should include checking for expired medications, proper storage of all medications and keeping your medication cart clean. Several medications have a shorten expiration date and must be monitored frequently. Included but not limited to that category are insulins, inhalers and certain eye drops.

Using this medication cart audit at least twice a week will assist you in being in compliance with F761 Tag. Medication Storage.