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Gayco Healthcare was proud to announce the Employee of the Year on Wednesday, December 22nd at the annual employee Christmas lunch. The 2021 year had four great candidates for this much-heralded award. The candidates were, quarter one Donna Barwick, billing, quarter two Jamey Sharpe, information technology, quarter three Precious Scott, customer care, and quarter four Caleb Crocket purchasing. The winner for 2021 was Caleb Crockett team member in the purchasing department. Caleb demonstrates the founding pillars of Gayco in always being kind, considerate, respectful, and helpful. One of his co-workers in this fashion “Caleb always has a smile on his face and is always willing to help in any area of the pharmacy. He is patient and always listens when being asked a question on how to do something”. Justin Yanken, Purchasing Department, says “Caleb has been a tremendous asset to the daily workflow in purchasing and as it relates to communication between our ATP (automated tablet packager) team and purchasing. His ability to work side by side with our technicians and share the issues with the purchasing department has allowed us to perform at a higher level”.

Jon Martin, COO, states “Caleb has been on point since day one at Gayco Healthcare. He is a solid team member that understands the importance of helping the team which in return helps us Make Life Better for the residents we serve”. Martin continues “I have never seen Caleb express anything externally but a desire to help in any area he has been asked to work in. Caleb is one of those guys that you see and you know He GET’S it!” We say congratulations to Caleb and we say THANK YOU for your hard work every day that you invest in Gayco Healthcare. We are proud of you and proud to have you as our Employee of the Year for 2021!