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July 1, 2020

Gayco Healthcare is proud to announce the promotion of Matthew Burnette, PharmD, to Director of Clinical Operations. Bent Gay, R.PH, CEO of Gayco Healthcare states “Matthew has grown into a well-rounded pharmacist since we hired him several years ago. It is always exciting to see a pharmacist join our team out of College and begin learning what long term care is all about. As we watched Matthew work on the floor learning the fundamentals of what we do and then transitioning to learning our dispensing processes it allowed us to realize that Matt had a bright future at Gayco Healthcare. After getting a few years of experience under his belt with dispensing we felt like Matthew had the potential to be a really solid Consultant Pharmacist. It certainly takes time to learn and understand all of the moving parts internally and then externally with consulting. When we moved Matthew under Tom Jeter, Director of Clinical Services, we felt like the two of them would work well together and this announcement is confirmation that our belief in Matthew, as well as Tom, was spot on. We are excited to see what Matthew will bring to the table as he takes on the additional responsibility of being our Director of Clinical Operations”.

Tom Jeter went on to say, “Matthew has a unique ability to understand the internal processes, that are so important in taking care of our residents but also possesses the ability to articulate and communicate effectively with the communities, facilities, and our entire consultant team. I am thrilled to see him move into this role at Gayco Healthcare and I look forward to working alongside Matthew as we continue to grow our footprint in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida”.

Matthew will continue to consult both skilled nursing, assisted living facilities, and personal care homes but will also be responsible for communicating various changes and updates that we encounter in long term care. The COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly placed additional responsibilities upon our partners in these arenas and Matthew has been an important part of keeping Gayco up to speed both internally and externally. We are excited to present this update to all of our partners and friends and we are eager to see the additional value Matthew will provide to all of those we serve.