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Gayco healthcare does the following things for those we serve.

  1. Cycle fill medications. This is helpful on many levels, most notably…
    • Cost savings due to lower quantities of medications being sent at one time.
    • Multi-dosing allows for a more accurate med pass as medications are packaged according to administration time.
  2. QuickMAR® – an easy-to-use eMAR that interfaces with our pharmacy dispensing software for any of our facilities that would like to use. Contact us for more details.
  3. Refill Runout Report – an automated report for our LTC communities that scans each resident’s medication profile for low refill quantities. A report is generated for each resident’s medications and then faxed/communicated to the physician and community.
  4. SmartFile – a HIPAA compliant file storage system where confidential and protected documents such as the aforementioned Refill Runout Report are stored. SmartFile is included for all of our customers at no charge
  5. Customer Support Department – a dedicated department of highly knowledgeable pharmacy technicians who can assist with all the items above and more such as refills and technical issues.
  6. After-Hours Services – we provide services outside of our standard business hours to cover any medication needs. There is a Gayco Healthcare employee on-call at all times to assist you 24/7.

If you would like to know more about the services we provide, please contact us at 1-800-575-3160.