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Highlights of a recent GHCA Webinar

Presented by Clint Maun and Cheryl Boldt  –

The Goal: To Refresh, Stabilize and Thrive

  1. Personally, recruit Service Workers who do not have jobs now by talking with local Restaurant Owners/Managers about their current situation
    • Do they have great employees they are worried about that they would recommend to us for employment?
    • Is there something we can do so support their business, i.e. order from them and spread the word that people should order Take-Out or Delivery from them if they are offering this?
    • Is there other local business also affected we should also approach?
  2. Creative Scheduling
    • Flexible shifts
    • 4-hour Evening Shift
    • Split-shifts
    • Alternative staffing times
    • Job-sharing
  3. Robust Leadership Rounding – All Shifts • 7 days a Week
  1. Internal scoreboard of ongoing recognition
    • 30/60/90-day Tracking and Recognition of new employees
    • Pick-Ups
  2. Volunteers to help with childcare
    • Check with all current volunteers
    • Fun recruitment scheduled at an off-site location
  3. Team-based child care plans
    • Watching each other’s children
  4. Immediate recognition/reward for internal staff referrals. Group shout-outs
  1. All current Management Team members and staff, not just Certified Nursing Assistants, should be placed in an organized fashion onto the schedule in time slots with customized assignments based on need. Provide Education on these assigned tasks. Begin the provision of the 8 hour Nurse Aide Training to Management Team, then other staff members to assist in identified areas of need. All nurses regardless of the role are willing and prepared to work scheduled
  1. Recruitment of High-School/College students at home now
  1. Interviewing off-site with virtual tours and friendly, inviting videos from staff members
  1. Facebook and LinkedIn Recruitment by your employees who share your Facebook posts with people they know
  1. A video message from the Administrator
    • On your Facebook Page
    • On your Website
    • By E-Mail
    • By Text
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