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Gayco Healthcare had the honor to have Governor Nathan Deal and Representative Matt Hatchett visit our pharmacy recently. Gayco President and Owner, Bent Gay, gave Governor Deal and Rep. Hatchett a guided tour of our pharmacy. Governor Deal and Rep. Hatchett were able to review the new automated technology we have put in place at Gayco. The technology allows for Gayco to be a leader in the long term care pharmacy industry. With service throughout the state of Georgia and now serving approximately 4,000 seniors in skilled nursing, assisted living, and personal care homes throughout Georgia, Gayco has emerged as a true innovator. Governor Deal and Rep. Hatchett encouraged our employees to continue to be a leader in moving better care for our seniors across Georgia through our services.

We appreciate both of these elected officials stopping in and visiting with us and showing their appreciation for what we do every day in caring for those we care for.