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New Expiration Date Labeling For Inhaled Medications

By Matt Burnette, PharmD, Gayco Consultant and Quality Assurance Pharmacist

Many drug manufacturers have begun to package their products inside foil packaging to provide for longer shelf life of the medication. Until these foil packages are opened the drug expiration is held only to the manufacturers date on the outside box. Once opened a new expiration clock (number of usable days) begins, which is much shorter that its shelf expiration date. In an effort to maximize the usage of these medications and decrease expense and waste, Gayco Healthcare has made an important change to our policies and procedures manual with regard to discard dating for particular products that expire once the foil packaging is opened or in some cases when the device is assembled.

Labeling Policy for New and Refilled Inhaled Medications:

  • The expiration date calculated and printed on the pharmacy label will no longer be used on these products. The pharmacy will place a supplemental label on the product indicating the total number of days usage available after opening, or assembling after which they should be discarded. (See label below)
  • The nursing staff will be responsible for writing the date the product is opened and then writing the date the product will now expire on the same supplemental label.
  • If the product remains unopened then it will not expire until the manufacturer’s original date as indicated on the factory packaging.

We believe this change in policies and procedures will provide our patients and healthcare partners with a more efficient manner of managing expiration dates in medication products that may be affected.


Please locate the list of affected medications attached or you may also find a copy at

Please find below a sample of the new supplemental label that will be placed on the packaging when the medication is dispensed from the Pharmacy.


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